About Us.

We love football.
At Players United, we live and breathe football. It is our passion for the game that unites us; that drives us, every day to deliver value and service to our partners.

In what is today a multibillion-euro business, it is our goal to be one of the few leaders who are truly able to build longterm relationships and create the momentum to make great things happen.

What we do.
We build connections between clubs, players, fans and brands. This playing field gives us endless opportunities and careers. In the constantly changing and therefore complex world of football, our network, experience and expertise have proven to be the key to success.

The strong position that we have and our knowledge nation- and worldwide in football gives our partners direct access to every desired level in the football world. As a result of strong project management we provide the highest level of execution and guidance for brand activation.


Weten hoe jij kan inspelen op de Oranje gekte?