ING Only Football Fanday

ING Only Football


Getting young people to exercise more 

A growing problem among young people is exercise poverty. ING reaches thousands of young people aged 8-14 with the YouTube channel Only Football. With appealing content, ING fulfils its claim to be the main sponsor of Dutch football. But how can the brand use this successful channel appropriately to inspire young people to exercise more?


ING Only Football Fanday.

The legendary Olympic Stadium will be the stage for the ING Only Football Fanday. Through an online and offline campaign, children can register for this sporting event.

During this active day full of football, entertainment and gaming, children will also meet their favourite social influencers and football heroes. Naturally, a large part of the day is dedicated to sports activities. In this way, children will experience the fun of exercise at a unique location during the day of their lives.


1000 participants.

Tickets for the event were sold out within 72 hours. This means that over 1,000 children will participate in the ING Only Football Fanday. All participants will get moving sportily that day. Which in many cases will lead to structurally more sports by the participants. Besides enthusiastic parents, 9 influencers and 10 top footballers will be present. Because of their presence and the grand design of the Fanday, the event will receive national media attention. In doing so, the event strengthens both the ING brand and the physical health of the participants.

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