WK Walking Football

Walking Football


Give Walking Football the exposure it deserves.

Old Stars Walking Football is a successful programme for over-60s. It keeps participants vital and also adds value in a social sense. Yet the programme is quite anonymous. Therefore, many older people have never heard of the programme. How do we ensure that this changes? With the knowledge that there is a limited budget for communication.


WK Walking Football.

In 2018, Oranje will not be going to the World Cup. This fact is the starting point of an activation with high attention value. With the playful theme "Netherlands is still going to the World Cup", the Elderly Fund is organising a national selection day in the Olympic Stadium. With the aim of putting together the best team for the Walking Football World Cup in Bristol. Ex-internationals such as Sjaak Swart and Kees Kist are lending their cooperation to the initiative. Around the selection day, online and offline portraits will be made of participants. Through regional media, these portraits will be shared.


A winning case.

Because of Players United's timing and network, the activation receives national media attention. Translated into media value, this means a value of 1.5 million euros. The greatly increased awareness leads to a large increase in the number of OldStars teams. It ensures that the case wins a Golden SponsorRing in the smart budget category.

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